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  • Dividers are black plastic strips that separate your panes. They are each one half inch wide.
  • They are not required, but many customers like the look they provide by separating photos and certificates. 
  • Each row can have dividers between the panes only or also with dividers on the ends of each row. For this, end caps are needed to hold the end divider in place. 
  • Please see the endcaps option separately. 
  • If you only want dividers between your panes, you would subtract one from the number of panes in each row to determine the number of dividers per row.
  • If you want dividers on the ends as well, you would add one to the number of panes in each row. 
  • For example, a row of 4 panes would need either 3 dividers (for between the photos only), or 5 dividers to have them on the ends as well. 
  • Please contact us if you need a better explanation of this add-on. 
  • Note that your channels will be a bit longer if you add the dividers, so you get the dividers and the longer channels as part of this add-on. 

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